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Team Commitment


Practices are mandatory and we expect all athletes to attend practice.  Teams practice only twice a week, so missing one practice is 50% of the practice that week.  If players are ill or have a scheduled conflict, they should notify their team Coach as far in advance as possible. If an athlete is unexpectedly unable to attend practice, the athlete must contact the coach no less than two (2) hours before the practice is scheduled to begin. Players will be expected to always arrive at the gym 15 minutes prior to the start of practice.

The practice environment is a place to work together as a team as well as individually to improve your volleyball strategy, mechanics, and communication skills. Our goal is to enable each athlete to become the best player they can be allowing improved team play to follow.

Seaside Volleyball Club team practice rules are:

  • No use of cell phones at any time during practice, except with Coach's approval
  • Bring water with you so water break time can be optimized
  • Volleyball shoes will be worn inside the gym, and NEVER outside
  • During colder weather, athletes should be adequately clothed entering and exiting practice
  • All practices are closed to the public, except for the first practice of each month, which will be open to parents to observe. We want our players to feel free to try new things, sometimes practice ugly, and always push their limits and not feel like they are being watched over at all times.
  • Players are expected to arrive at practice 15 minutes prior to the start of practice and be dressed and ready to participate in practice at the scheduled time.

More information about athlete practice expectations can be found in the Athlete-Parent-Club Contract which is available in the Documents section of our website HERE.


Tournaments are typically held on Saturdays / Sundays (some Fridays or Mondays) and usually run from early morning until late afternoons or late afternoons to evenings and consist of pool play followed by a structured elimination tournament. Tournaments can last as long as eight to ten hours per day with teams often playing between five and eight matches during a weekend tournament.

Seaside Volleyball Club athletes are required to attend all tournament/competition dates unless written explanation is provided to the coach and director no less than one month in advance of the first day of the event. All athletes must complete officiating duties prior to leaving an event.

Volleyball is a team sport and missing tournaments hurts the team.  We encourage you to look at the tournament schedule before trying-out for the club to be sure that you will be able to attend tournaments.

More information about athlete tournament expectations can be found in the Athlete-Parent-Club Contract which is available in the Documents section of our website HERE.

General Guidlelines

All Seaside athletes are expected to be trained and certified in at least one of the following match officiating activities: R2, Score Keeper, Libero Tracker, Line Judges.  Additionally, athletes may be required to "score flip."  Seaside requires that there be at least 2 athletes trained for each officiating activity noted.  We pride ourselves on being an exceptional officiating club.

Abusive or vulgar language will not be tolerated and could result in the immediate termination of participation in the Seaside Volleyball Club program without refund.

Failure to follow these policies will result in the athlete not being allowed to compete, dismissal from the activity or event completely, and/or future disciplinary action if the coach/director deems it appropriate.

More general guidelines can be found in the Athlete-Parent-Club Contract which is available in the Documents section of our website HERE.