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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Seaside different from other clubs in the area?

First and foremost is the environment.  At Seaside we foster growth through positivity.  Athletes perform better when they are surrounded by supportive coaches and teammates.  Seaside promotes improvement of skills through proven USA Volleyball techniques.  We also promote life skills such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility and communication.  Our coaches support our athletes through positive feedback, not yelling or passive aggressive treatment.

Seaside also constructs teams with 9-11 players so each athlete can get more time on the floor playing the game and less time on the bench.

Seaside does not dictate where an athlete and their family should stay at a tournament unless the tournament is a "stay to play" tournament.  What that means is if you prefer a particular hotel chain, you can stay there.  If grandparents live near the tournament venue, you can stay there too.  Each team parent will work to get a block of rooms at a hotel where athletes and families that want to stay together for the bonding experiences it creates, can do so.

Seaside doesn't go to tournaments more than four hours away.  This means less travel time and lower costs to the families.

Read more about Seaside on our About Us page HERE.

When are tryouts and how can I sign up?

Tryouts for the 2021-2022 season have been completed.  

Tryouts for the 2022-2023 season will be announced in September 2022.  Expect 14 and under players to tryout in late October and 15 and up players in early November.

When is the season?

The club volleyball season goes from November - April.  Practices begin immediately after teams are constructed and continues through the end of March.  Tournament play starts the second week of January and continues through the first weekend of April.

The tournament schedule can be found HERE.

The practice schedule can be found HERE.

Where are practices and tournaments?

Practices for the 2021-2022 season will be at River Ridge Academy, Bluffton Middle School,  and the brand-new H2 Center. 

River Ridge is located at 3050 River Ridge Drive.

Bluffton Middle School is located at 30 New Mustang Drive.

The new H2 Center is located on Hartwell Road off of Argent Road.

Tournament information and addresses (when available) can be found HERE.

What age teams will you have? Do you have boy's teams too?

Every year is different and there really is no way to tell what teams we will have until after tryouts.  We can have teams as young as 12 and under or as old as 18.  Athletes are put on teams with similar skill sets, so a 12-year old that has been playing for years could end up on a higher age team.  We do our best to put athletes in situations where they will succeed and flourish.

We have not yet fielded a boys team as there hasn't been enough interest, but would be excited to field a team if there was enough interest.  We have had individual boys play on girls teams in previous years.  USAV Palmetto Region rules say that boys can play on girls teams under certain conditions.  Boys who are 12 can play on a 12u team.  Boys who are 13 or 14 need to play up two age groups.  Unfortunately, once a boy hits 15 years of age, he can only play on a boys team.  The rules just described apply only to tournaments in the Palmetto Region.  Out of state tournaments usually do not allow boys to play on girls teams.  This affects a few of the tournaments in which we are scheduled to participate.

What is the cost for the season and what does that get me?

The cost depends upon which level team your athlete plays on.  Our cost for Club teams for 2022 is $1250.  Our High Performance  teams cost for 2022 is $1500.  Because the High Performance teams have additional practice time and an additional tournament, High Performance teams have a higher season fee than Club teams.  You can find out more about the difference of the teams below.

What your 2022 dues pays for is all of the expenses related to  practices (gym rental fees, insurance, coaching salary and equipment,) tournament entry fees and most uniform pieces (jerseys, backpack, jacket.)  You will still need to pay for individual USAV registration, travel, hotels, food and the remaining uniform pieces (spandex, knee pads, socks and shoes.)

If you're looking to purchase any spandex or socks, we recommend our sponsor Smack Sportswear.  A link to their Seaside store is HERE.

How do you pay for the season?

Payment of club dues is due on or before November 21, 2021 at the all-team meeting.  Seaside accepts credit cards, checks and cash.  Payment plans are available as well for those that need it. 

What is the difference between a Club and a High Performance team?

Seaside Volleyball Club fields both Club and High Performance teams.  Club team athletes commit to practicing on Sundays and one weeknight per week.  The Club Tournament Schedule for 2022 consists of 5 tournaments and the regional tournament at the end of the season.  High Performance team athletes commit to practicing on Sundays and two weeknights per week.  The High Performance Tournament Schedule for 2022 consists of 6 tournaments plus the regional tournament at the end of the season.  If mutually agreed upon,  Power teams may choose to compete in the Big South tournament in Atlanta after regionals (for an additional fee.)   Because of the additional practice time and tournament, High Performance teams have a higher season fee than Club teams.  The Club dues for 2022 are $1250 and the High Performance dues are $1500.

How can I support Seaside Volleyball Club and its athletes?

The Seaside Volleyball Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Service and a Charitable Organization with the South Carolina Department of State.  Seaside can accept tax deductable donations and sponsors to help defray the costs of the season.  To become a donor or sponsor, send an email to David Bly-Club Director HERE.

Who can I contact if I have more questions that I can't find answers to on your website?

Calls with questions about Seaside can be directed to the Club Director-David Bly.  His phone number is 440-463-4534.  You can also reach him via email at