Savannah Showdown Sunday Information

Posted by Seaside Volleyball Club on Feb 15 2020 at 01:38PM PST

Here’s my “expert” analysis of the SportWrench schedule:

Sunday-8am Work, 9 and 10am Play. Court 2.
Those matches will determine when you play on Monday.

Sunday-11 and noon Play. 1pm Work. Court 3. 2:30 or 3:30 Crossover match to determine play on Monday. Court TBD.

Sunday-9am and 1pm Work. 10 and noon Play. Court 4
Monday-10 and noon Play. Court 9. If we are one of the top two teams in the pool, we play for the Bronze Championship at 2pm.

Also, don’t forget if you want to purchase discounted wristbands for Regionals, bring Director Dave the money by Thursday. Either at this weekend’s tournament or at practice.

Good Luck Seaside Teams! Keep getting better!


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